Places to visit in November

Places to visit in November

Neetu George, October 5, 2016
November is a great time to holiday. In most countries, it is well past the scorching summer, yet it is not winter.

The weather is at its best, tourists are fewer and the prices are lower. Why not travel to these gorgeous holiday destinations in November and enjoy a vacation which offers the best of everything. Here are our top picks for a November holiday :

Cape Town

Places to visit in November, Cape Town

Popularly called the Mother City, Cape Town is a melting pot of culture. With abundant landscape, splendid beaches, and lovely coastal roads, this town is as charming as they come. The spectacular Table Mountain, sandwiched between the legendary Devil's Peak and Signal Hill National Park, is one of the most famous attractions of the city. Cape Town is blessed generously with rivers, vleis, and pretty countryside. With plenty of open space, this city is great to enjoy many outdoorsy activities such as hiking and mountain biking. If you are in the mood for some adventure, do a tandem-paraglide off Lion’s Head.

Sri Lanka

Places to visit in November, Sri Lanka

There are many different kinds of holidays one can take - a drive up to the hills with scenery or a rendezvous with the wildlife. There are times when you long for a complete detox trip or just want to relax on the beach with a book. But there are also times when you want an adventure-packed holiday. But if you want a one-stop-shop for all of these, then fly to Srilanka. This island country has plenty of budget hotels that will fit right into your pocket.


Places to visit in November, Greece

Greece is an incredible country with some splendid beaches, lovely landscapes, a balmy Mediterranean climate, delicious seafood cuisine, and world heritage museums. Experience the Greek culture by making a trip to the ancient architectural structures, discover the old cities and quaint villages and soak up the Cretan culture. The monasteries of Meteora, the beautiful Santorini, and the gorgeous Mykonos, among others, make Greece one of Europe’s prime tourist destinations. We have some amazing holiday packages to Greece.