Booking flights from Doha to Jeddah

    Booking online flight tickets are now easier and convenient. With just one click, avail the best deals on the flights of your choice. Visit our site and follow the simple procedure. Comparing fares, checking flight availability, flight status, flight schedules are few activities you can do before booking your flight. There are many flights connecting from Doha to Dubai that run on daily basis.

    About Doha

    Doha is the capital city of Qatar, located on the coast of the Persian Gulf. It comprises the headquarters of major gas and oil companies in Qatar. This rapidly emerging city features a perfect blend of old and modern Arab tradition. It is a home to world’s most gorgeous mosques- Al Fateh Grand Mosque with extraordinary Arabian architecture. The Doha Corniche is the most attractive spot of Doha studding lush green and amazing modern architecture making it a pleasant place to walk and relax. The Museum of Islamic Art is a museum dedicated to Islamic culture preserving its most impressive art like wall hangings, calligraphy, illuminate Korans and jewellery.

    About the Doha airport

    Hamad International Airport in Doha is newly designed to cater the increasing volume of traffic. With area spread across 9000 acres this airport caters to handling 23.3 million passengers every year. It is the new home of Qatar Airways. With new construction, the airport allows its passengers to enjoy world-class facilities and amenities like luxury brands, boutiques, restaurants, lounges and much more.

    Doha airport address

    Hamad International Airport, PO Box 24659,
    Qatar. Phone: +974 4010 6666

    About Jeddah

    Located in the eastern shore of Manila Bay, Manila is the capital city of Philippines. It is predominantly a Christian city, with a surprising blend of Asia, Europe and America. This Filipino capital is stretched miles long besides the Manila Bay spotlighting splendid attractions. Visit the Luneta- Rizal Park, Chinatown, Makati, National Museum of the Filipino people while in Manila. Cruise on the Manila Bay enjoying the bay-side view and also catch the amazing sunset. The San Agustin Church is the UNESCO world heritage site featuring large Baroque architecture.

    About Jeddah airport

    Dubai International Airport is the busiest airport by international passenger traffic, managing over 66 million passengers every year. It has 3 passenger Terminals where terminal 3 is know to be the largest building by floor space of 1.5 million meters which is exclusively for Emirates Airline. Dubai serves as the base for Emirates the largest passenger carrier in the Middle East.

    Jeddah airport address

    King Abdulaziz International Airport
    PO Box 6326,
    Jeddah 21442,
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
    Jeddah 52025.
    Phone : +966 (0)2 684 2227 / +966 (0)2 684 2225 / +966 (0)2 663 3978
    Fax: +966 (0)2 684 2256 / +966 (0)2 661 1214

    What is the frequency of Doha to Jeddah flights

    There are many connecting flights from Dubai to Doha running on the daily basis. The first flight from Doha is at 12.30 am that drops Jeddah at 12.40 am and the last flight at 10.30 pm reaching Jeddah at 10.40 pm. There are frequent flights available at reasonable charges.