Headquartered in Germany, the Lufthansa Group is an aviation group which runs around 400 affiliates and subsidiaries. The company also functions in five other sectors– logistics, MRO, passenger transportation, catering and IT services.


    The Lufthansa fleet comprises of both Airbus and Boeing for both the long haul and short haul routes. The airline fleet currently includes over 620 airplanes, with more waiting to be added.


    Lufthansa operates their flights to around 78 countries in all the continents, with Munich as the main hub.

    In-Flight Facilities

    Lufthansa offers outstanding features across four distinct classes of travellers – first class, business class, premium economy and economy class. Most of the long-haul routes have first class and business class. Some aircrafts like the Airbus A380s and Boeing 747-400s are equipped with large first-class section in the upper deck of the craft. Premium economy was first introduced on Boeing 747-8s in the year 2014. The seat pitch of the premium economy is longer than the economy section.

    Ground Facilities

    Lufthansa offers world-class services to their passengers. Most of the airports that operate Lufthansa has separate first class check-in counters and first class lounge facilities. Another convenient feature is that exclusive first class terminals are available in Munich and Frankfurt. First-class passengers are also given privileges such as priority immigration and priority baggage collection.

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