The Grand Mosque in Maldives

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    The Grand Mosque in Maldives, also known as the Islamic Center, is an impressive mosque located in Maldives with a golden dome and attracts Arab and foreign travelers coming to visit the island of Mali. The mosque has become a symbol of the city and serves as the headquarters of the National Security Service.

    The Grand Mosque was established in 1984 and was built with the help of the Gulf states, Pakistan, Brunei and Malaysia. The mosque was built using white marble and intricate designs were crafted along the domes. In fact, the massive golden dome can be seen by boats coming towards the island of Mali. The design of the mosque has a distinctive and modern style and its winding architecture is the tallest building on the island of Mali.


    Tourists can visit the Grand Mosque between 9 am and 5 pm and after prayer times. Loose garments and proper dressing is expected from visitors so as to adhere to the principles Islam. Moreover, the main prayer hall inside the mosque accommodates five thousand worshipers and contains carved and beautiful wooden panels in the walls and doors, a special prayer mat and gigantic chandeliers. The mosque also houses a conference hall, a huge library and study halls.



    Impressive isn't it? Next time you visit Maldives, make sure to visit this spectacular mosque!

    By Mohammed Al-Ameen