Sudan - the origin of civilization

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    Sudan, home of the Nubian and Pharaonic civilization, is full of destinations and landmarks such as pyramids, the Nile Reiver, the Dandar Reserve and the National Museum in Khartoum. Sudan is one of the largest African countries of the North, bordered by Egypt from the North and to its East is Saudi Arabia which is separated by the Red Sea. Lots of people don't know this, but Sudan actually has more pyramids than Egypt does! Within the last decade, Sudan has witnessed a development in infrastructure that has provided its tourists with a number of high-end shopping malls and five-star hotels. Moreover, tourists can purchase souvenirs from heritage collections and Sudanese traditions.

    The Nile River


    Dandar Reserve


    Meroe Pyramids


    5-star hotels


    The Red Sea beach

    Sudan is definitely a great place to visit and should definitely be on your bucket list!

    By Mohammed Al-Ameen