How to improve your travel pictures

How to improve your travel pictures

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    Have you met anyone who doesn’t like to share their pictures on social media? If yes, we tend to think that you were born in the last century or have been living under a rock. Because today, travel is synonymous to photos. And everyone is concerned about how well-received their photographs are. So here we give you some smart tips on how to improve your photographs.

    Add a touch of creativity


    Yes, creativity never goes unnoticed. Instead of mimicking the photos clicked by all and sundry, get more creative and bring out an angle that is not seen anywhere. A fresh perspective always wins some brownie points.

    Locals make a great subject

    Whenever you browse through travel photographs, something distinct that catches your eye is the pictures of the local. An innocent smile, a piercing gaze or just a non chalance – all of these add a certain amount of aura to your pictures. It goes without saying that befriending the locals is a surefire way to incredible photography.

    Do your research


    If you have a fair idea about your holiday destination, it’s easier for you to take appealing photographs. So read up a little when you plan your holiday and take some amazing photographs.

    Let go of the UV filter

    If you go through the photography books, they will surely tell one thing – protect your camera lens with a UV filter. Well, we are not debating about the protection it provides, but it definitely adds another layer and makes it difficult for the light to pass through. We recommend you to invest in a lens hood instead.

    Mornings and evenings are great


    The best photos are the ones taken during the mornings and evenings when the sunlight is optimum. Once mid-days hits, the blinding brightness doesn’t let you take impressive photographs. So choose the time wisely.

    Be unique

    Always find your own style. Forget about the cliché shots from vintage points, instead allow yourself the liberty to break some rules. Trust us when we say this, no great piece of art was produced by colouring within the lines.

    By Neetu George