Colourful places around the world!

  • LeadImage_Italy_27Petite towns lacquered in vibrant colours to natural wonders displaying spectacular and muticoloured shades, read on to know about, and witness places, on this Earth which will leave you amazed! We have featured eight of our favourites. Treat your eyes to these lovely snapshots of colourful places far away and start planning your next holiday!

    Burano, Italy

    Venice, Italy_27

    Located in the Venetian Lagoon and known for its lacework and these colourful houses


    Colmar, France


    Located in north-eastern France, this town is famous for its old town, beautiful architecture & landmarks, and museums.


    Dallol, Ethiopia


    Located in northern Ethiopia, Dallol is now an abandoned town that is visited only to collect salt.


    Grand Prismatic Spring, United States of America


    Located in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, this is the largest hot spring in the country and popular for its rainbow-like colouration.


    Júzcar, Spain

    Juzcar, Spain_27

    Located in Valle del Genal, Andalusia, this town is nicknamed as the Village of the Smurfs since 2011.


    Sighișoara, Romania


    Located in the erstwhile Transylvanian region, Sighișoara is known for its UNESCO World Heritage Site, the walled old town.


    Tulip fields, Netherlands

    Tulip, Netherlands_27

    Keukenhof or Holland is the place to go from mid-March to mid-May to behold the colourful phenomena known as Tulip bloom! Appreciate nature in all its glory!


    Valparaíso, Chile


    Located north-west of Santiago, Valparaíso is a major seaport city in Chile and is known for its cobbled alleys and colourful buildings.


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    By Debbie Ganguli