7 treasures of Asia

  • Cambodia

    Asia packs in a range of experiences and avenues for a traveller. Snow-capped mountains, rigged coastlines, luscious landscapes, winding alleyways and sweeping deserts – you will be spoilt for choice. But Asia also has many little treasures which are largely unexplored, and sometimes even unknown. We hand-pick some of these gems and bring them to you

    1. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    The capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, is a paradise for nature lovers. Breath taking beauty, a hip café culture and gastronomical delicacies make it an incredibly exciting holiday destination.

    2. Vietnam


    Vietnam, a sublime slice of nature, will floor you with its panoramic beauty. Experience this charming country and bask in the lap of nature.

    3. Bhutan

    This little country in Asia believes in a happy population. Instead of measuring the GDP, they focus on GNH(Gross National Happiness). This vastly unexplored country is also utterly compelling with its picturesque landscape.

    4. Bali, Indonesia


    Blessed with abundant coral walls, Bali is a dream for divers. Scenic splendour, cuisine that bursts with flavours and terrace of green paddy fields leave you with an overwhelming experience.

    5. Taiwan

    Captivating natural beauty, colonial-era hiking trails, volcanic arcs and more – Taiwan is truly a bouquet of experiences for a traveller

    6. Kyoto


    There is more to Japan than the capital city of Tokyo. Famous for its Buddhist shrines and gardens, it is growing in popularity and has become an integral part of Japan tourism.

    7. Laos

    This tiny destination packs the best of everything – wildlife, adventure, landscape and ravishing beauty. It is a pity that not many venture out to Laos.

    By Neetu George