Booking flights from Doha to Chennai

    The two cities Doha and Chennai are connected with numerous flights that operate on the daily basis. To book your flight hassle free from Doha to Chennai, visit and follow the simple booking procedure. Comparing fares and checking availability are some features you can utilise prior booking. Discounts and offers on flights and other facilities are a few benefits you can avail while online booking.

    About Doha

    Doha is the capital city of Qatar and is emerging into one of the most vivacious hubs in the Middle East. What sets this city apart from its contemporaries is the way it embraces modernity without letting go of traditions. Doha boasts of a spectacular skyline, extremely well-known landamrks, huge shopping malls and ancient souqs. This wonderful city is laidback, but at the same time has the right dose of vibrancy. 

    About the Doha airport

    Hamad International Airport is a cutting-edge airport with state-of-the-art facilities. Through appealing architecture, this world-class terminal manages to amaze the passengers. Designed aesthetically to keep pace with Qatar’s progressive growth, it also stays true to its cultural heritage. 

    Doha airport address

    Hamad International Airport,
    PO Box 24659,
    Telephone: +974 4010 6666

    About Chennai

    Capital city of Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India, Chennai is one of the metropolitan cities in India. With a rich local culture, incredible art and a teeming population 7.45 million, this 369-year-old city serves as one of the main gateways to South India. Situated on the Coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal, it has a long beachfront. Chennai has always been touted as a traditional city, but it has recently attainted a cosmopolitan status. Premier hotels, sprawling malls, unique boutiques and trendy coffee shops have given Chennai a face-lift. 

    About the Chennai airport

    The fourth busiest airport in India in terms of passenger traffic, the Chennai airport handles 400 aircraft movements on a daily basis. This airport owes its names to two former chief ministers of Tamil Nadu. This airport also has the unique distinction of being the first in India to have both international and domestic terminals close to each other.

    Chennai airport address

    Chennai International Airport,
    GST Road,
    Chennai – 600027
    Phone: +91 44 22560551

    What is the frequency of Doha to Chennai flights

    There is only one flight from Doha to Chennai daily. This flight flies out of Doha at 7.10pm and reaches Chennai at 2.10 am. 

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