• Lipsmacking global cuisine

    Chilly CrabOur relationship with food is a lot more intense than we care to admit. Food is an inevitable part of every joy, every celebration and every momentous occasion of our lives. Holidays are never complete without sampling some local cuisines.You do not forget to serve some de…Read more

  • An autumn holiday in Vienna

    Autumn in viennaThe exquisite capital city of Austria, Vienna is a great holiday destination during the season of autumn. This city offers you a plethora of things to do - such as hiking, walking, exhibitions and abundant festivals to revel in. Versatile, classy and breath-takingly gorgeo…Read more

  • Know your coffee

    coffee around the world'' title=A hot cup of coffee is a welcome boost of energy in the mornings, especially if you are not a morning person. Coffee addiction is a real thing, and many cannot function properly without that caffeine kick. In many cultures, people unwind with a cup in the evenings. There a…Read more

  • Switzerland – a paradise on earth

    Swiss alps Switzerland is a picturesque country which will capture your heart from the time you set your foot on it. This sublime slice of nature is so rich with its lyrical landscapes, one would wonder if it is indeed a paradise on earth. Switzerland is so astonishingly beautiful w…Read more

  • Places to visit in November

    GreeceNovember is a great time to holiday. In most countries, it is well past the scorching summer, yet it is not winter . The weather is at its best, tourists are fewer and the prices are lower. Why not travel to these gorgeous holiday destinations in November and enjoy a vacat…Read more