• Where to go in December?

    December placesDecember is everyone’s favourite season with the advent of winter and the anticipation of New Year. The schools begin their winter break and there is a new cheer and excitement all around. This is the season when people start making mental notes of their New Year resolutio…Read more

  • Know your coffee

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  • Switzerland – a paradise on earth

    Swiss alps Switzerland is a picturesque country which will capture your heart from the time you set your foot on it. This sublime slice of nature is so rich with its lyrical landscapes, one would wonder if it is indeed a paradise on earth. Switzerland is so astonishingly beautiful w…Read more

  • Top ten travel hacks

    travel tipsTravelling is an absolute joy and a complete stress-buster. But more often than not, the days leading up to your big holiday can get overwhelming. Working over-time to finish your deadlines at work, making travel arrangements and an endless shopping list can leave you zapp…Read more